Whatever the size of your business, whatever products and services you offer I can help you with relationship-led marketing, building trust and customer loyalty to boost your sales for the long term.

Where will your rainbow lead?


A blog can help build your brand, engage with people, build trust and confidence in your expertise and boost SEO. I go into more detail about why your business needs a blog in this post.

Posts will include images, SEO keywords, and links to sources. Longer posts will also include subheadings.

The length of the blog post you want and the level of research required will affect my fee.

Want to Write Your Own Blog but don’t know where to start or are stuck for topics?

Book a phone consultation with me. I’ll get you started, give you tips of the trade, and together we’ll get some ideas and creativity flowing.

Blog Consultation Fees

First Half hour = absolutely free

Subsequent half hour phone consultations = £30

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