Does Your Business Need a Blog in 2022?

Yes. Your Business Needs a Blog

Yes Your Business Does Need a Blog and Here’s Why…

There are dozens of reasons why blogging is still an effective marketing tool in 2022 but I’m honing them down to 6.

6 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Blog in 2022

  • SEO SEO SEO. Sorry but I just want you to really get the point that SEO is seo important (see what I did there). Now you’ve got it here is a brief guide to what it is. Search Engine Optimisation is all about the steps you can take to increase the organic (meaning not paid for) traffic and the quality of traffic i.e people that are really looking for the service or product that you provide. This traffic is increased by your website ranking higher when people search for products or services you offer or ask a question related to them. Using a blog to put great content on your website that is relevant to the service or product you are providing means it is more likely to pop up when people search. Including keywords that your potential customers are likely to put in the search bar and including backlinks; relevant links to other pages on your site will definitely bump you up the SERP (search engine results page). Just to be clear SEO is not a trick or a gimmick it is just a way of connecting people with the information and/or services they are looking for. So the more content you have on your site which helps the search engines understand what you are selling/providing the more people the search engine will direct your way.
  • Blog posts provide you with something that people share on social media; this is free advertising. Don’t listen to anyone who tells you Social Media is dying as a marketing tool. It’s not going anywhere. Currently, Facebook; still the largest Social media platform has 2.8 billion regular users with 500,000 new users every day. People aren’t going to share a simple link to your Facebook Page, your Website, or a boring post that just tells people what you are selling unless they are your friends and family sharing with your other friends and family = limited reach. However, people might enjoy, comment on and share a blog post entitled ‘Ultimate Summer Tunes for the Work-van’; great for a tool hire company or a ‘Best Self-Massage Techniques for Home Workers’; for a massage therapist. Posts like this encourage shares, comments, and conversation. They get your name and brand known.
  • Having great content on your blog can showcase your expertise to potential customers In demonstrating your expertise in your field you can also provide something of value to your potential or existing customers. It’s proven that when people feel that they have received something for free, they seek reciprocity. In other words, they feel the need to pay for it in some other way. We all know how tempting offers are when you get something for free, even if we know it’s not really free. In a blog post, it’s your knowledge that you are giving away for free; a car mechanic could have a ’10 Minute Winter Ready Car Check’, an Aromatherapist could offer ‘Best Aromatherapy Oils to Keep Mosquitos Away’.
  • Blogs can foster and strengthen relationships with potential or existing customers. A current marketing buzz-phrase is ‘relationship funnel’. This relationship-led marketing strategy focuses on the mutual benefits you and your new and existing customers offer each other. You offer combinations of the following: shared expertise in your field, entertaining content, solutions to problems, and insights into your personality. This creates trust, loyalty, and longer-term relationships with your customers before you are even trying to sell them your services or products. This long-term strategy really pays off when you consider that businesses report that 65% of sales are from existing customers and that customers who feel loyalty to a business or brand are likely to spend over 40% more.
  • Timing and topics of blog posts can help with particular needs you have within your business at any one time or take advantage of. For example, everyone knows that in January the New Years Resolutions are still fresh, there are joggers EVERYWHERE, so if you are a sports therapist or masseuse you could have a post on the benefits of massage for those getting back into exercise after a break. Alternatively, if you have lots of stock that needs shifting; maybe a use-by date on a few crates of sultanas is getting close. Hey-presto a post on ’10 Best Sultana Recipes’ could be just what you need.
  • Unlike other marketing and advertising methods blog posts with quality content stay where they are and keep promoting your business days, months even years down the track. Furthermore, a tiny edit (even just changing the date) can freshen it up and show potential customers your blog (and therefore you and your business) are active and ready for their custom. Sometimes an old blog post will gather momentum later down the line because the topic is suddenly trending. Either way. Once it’s there you don’t have to keep paying for it, unlike PPC (pay-per-click advertising) or, for the more old school among us, an advert on local radio.
What Returns Will You See From Blogging?

Let’s See the Numbers: Statistics on Blogs for Businesses

  • Around 80% of companies that use blogging say it brings in new business
  • Thinking it’s easier, cheaper, quicker, and will get better results to pay to advertise on SERPs? Think again. Less than 3% of people click on the paid advertisements on SERPs.
  • Nearly 80% of internet users read blogs.
  • Businesses with blogs see over 95% more links to their websites.
  • People consider blogs to be the 5th most reliable source of information online.

Should You Write the Blog Yourself or Outsource it?

If you have the time and the skills you should definitely give a blogging a go yourself. After all, you are the expert in your field. However, we do all have different skills that we bring to the table and knowing when to delegate is a skill in itself.

If writing your own blog is not for you. Hire someone who can!

If you do choose to give blogging a go there are plenty of websites that can help you. Including mine of course!

If you would rather get on with the job or running your business which is probably what you do best, then outsourcing to a freelancer (like me) can be a great idea. Professional freelance bloggers are an excellent choice because:

  • You can pick the service you require for example; you want to write the post but want a professional to edit/proofread it, you have titles/topics in mind or you have no idea whatsoever about what might go into your blog. Wherever you are at there’s a freelancer for that.
  • A freelancer will be able to write a blog post fast – faster than you can
  • Keyword research is second nature to all good freelance bloggers and writers
  • Freelance bloggers are excellent researchers – it goes with the territory
  • There are so many ways you can hire someone to write your business blog, including job-board sites like Upwork and Fiverr, blogging match sites, you could find a freelance blogger based on a location search if someone knowing your local area would be advantageous to your business or search for a blogger with specific knowledge of your field.
  • You can decide how much you want to pay for the service because there are so many options (see above). Always remember though, that generally, you get what you pay for. Unless you are really lucky it is unlikely you will get a quality writer and researcher if you are only prepared to pay the minimum for your blog.


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