6 of the Best Websites for New Freelance Writers

Your Future is in Your Hands

There are countless writing and freelancing blogs out there but if you want to actually get some writing done you can’t read them all.

Inevitably, some are better than others and some excel in different areas. So, to help you decide which blogs and writer websites are worth your time as a newbie freelancer, or even a slightly less newbie freelancer (because you absolutely can, and should, teach an old dog new tricks), I have compiled a review of my six favourites.

My dog Norman thinking about all his new tricks.

My Select 6

  • Elna Cain – If you are starting out and need to inject some enthusiasm as well as some experienced-based tips I highly recommend Elna Cain. She is a successful blogger and writing coach. If you need a boost and to hear that YOU CAN DO THIS! Elna’s your lady. Her posts are informative, easy to read and include gems such as ‘My Top 3 Ways I Found Work as a Freelance Writer For Hire’, ‘How To Make $1000 Fast as a Freelance Writer‘ and ‘What To Write About for Your First Sample as a Freelance Writer’. I found that when I was starting out Elna knew the questions I was asking and, more importantly, answered them for me. Perhaps because she, like me, is a mum looking for a way to earn money whilst looking after her children I really looked to her as a mentor. I also found my first, and all important, jobs using her tips so I am a definite Elna-ite. Her courses are good too, I highly recommend the Free 6 day Get Paid to Write Course for newbies. Also, although I don’t, as a rule, recommend paying for courses when you first start out as freelance writer; because 1) There are plenty of free courses out there 2) You don’t want to be paying out before you start earning 3) You should be writing and doing online courses is a form of procrastination. I do recommend Elna’s ‘Freelance Blogging in a Weekend‘.
Read all about it. Then write all about it.
  • The Write Life – Here is a website for writers that really does have it all. You will find that you continue to turn to the Write Life Team long after you have started earning from your writing business. This website publishes posts in the blogging, publishing, marketing, craft, and freelancing spheres. In other words you will find tips on how to improve your writing such as ‘Subheadings Can Make or Break Your Content. Here’s How to Write Them Well‘ as well as essential guides for newbies: ‘How to Start a Blog: A Simple, Step-by-Step Guide for Writers‘ and ‘How to Become a Freelance Writer: A Step-By-Step Guide to Getting Started‘. But, the Write Life also caters to budding authors and freelancers, and bloggers who have been on the scene for a while already.
  • Moz – This is THE SEO website. Whatever writing you are going to be doing you need to have a good handle on SEO. If you write content for others, including blog posts, or writing for your own website, social media, and other marketing, you need it to be seen by as many people as possible. Moz is the place to learn. It covers everything. Moz explains the basics in search engine optimisation and includes a handy glossary of terms. There are also free courses and easy to use tools for those who are complete beginners to advanced level marketing tactics and the latest industry news. If you want to get down to some serious study on how well you rank, and how to rank higher this is where you need to look.
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Rank You Very Much
  • Filthy Rich Writer – although the title of this blog might make you think of the multitude of sites and training courses out there that bang on about ‘six-figure salaries’ for only two hours work a week. This is not one of those. The ‘filthy rich’ bit is perhaps a measure of tongue in cheekiness, a bit of a poke at said sites that promise the impossible and a revision of the phrase itself. As the filthy rich crew suggest, to them filthy rich means ‘having a job you love, being good at what you do…and making great money doing it’. This site emphasises the fact that you have to work and work hard to earn the big bucks in freelance writing and they show you how. Their articles are fun to read and cover the stuff you really need to know. They cover topics such as what might be holding you back ‘Imposter Syndrome: What it is and How to Keep it From Derailing Your Copywriting Career’ as well as useful and practical insights on structure such as visual impact: ‘Why Copywriters Need to Think Visually and How to Do It‘. The Filthy crew do encourage you to subscribe to their email list at every opportunity but, let’s be honest, everyone does, and when someone is providing such good value content and free tips and training why wouldn’t you want to sign up for that?
Injecting Colour into Content
  • Make a Living Writing – This website is the brainchild of freelancing genius Carol Tice. Carol, after achieving success as a freelance writer herself, decided to help as many other would-be writers do the same as possible. This is not about tricking your way into earning big bucks and landing dream clients by magic. Instead, Carol offers real insights that only work if you do. The Writers’ Den is an excellent community where you can meet others, ask questions and features a job board that will save you hours of trawling through some of the other job boards out there where you pitch your heart out for a £5 piece. The articles featured on the blog are priceless; full of excellent tips for writers who are just starting out and more experienced writers too. Check out ‘Monster List of Markets, 135 Places to Find Freelance Writing Jobs‘ and ‘How to Become a Freelance Writer‘. Her books are excellent resources too; The Recession-Proof Freelancer couldn’t be more on-point in the current climate. For me, as Carol is a ghostwriter (a massively successful one at that) and proud of it, she helped me to understand that you don’t always need to have your name all over something you have written. She taught me, in other words, to decide if it’s an ego boost I want, or to earn a decent crust.
  • Alex Cattoni – Lively, loud, bright, and bold. Alex Cattoni, founder, voice, and beautiful face of the Copy Posse will get you thinking about marketing in the modern age with her completely engaging Youtube videos. Her blog posts are also full to bursting with her energic and totally unique style. The blog provides great tips like ‘These 8 Stupid Easy Copywriting Tools Will Make You a Better Writer‘. For up to the minute marketing insights and a break from the normal kind of posts you read on writing, such as ‘HOW THE WORDLESS LANGUAGE SHAPED AN ENTIRE GENERATION — 3 REASONS WHY YOU NEED TO UP YOUR EMOJI GAME’. Alex is a definite breath of fresh air.

These are the websites that I recommend to all you new, or aspiring writers to have a look at. They will help you gather all important information about how to actually turn the dream into reality and to see what you can achieve with the right mixes of passion, skill, self-belief and hard work. The differences between these sites and the enormously successful writer-entreprenures who have made them just go to show that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to your writing business.

So, what are you waiting for? Get writing, let me know how you get on, and believe in yourself and in your business.



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